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As a full service provider we work large complex claims from inception through settlement, and if needed litigation. Our Claimant and Witness Interviews are thorough and are summarized or transcribed at Client preference. Our scene investigations include photographs, measurements, and complete documentation to include Smart Draw "presentation ready" representations as needed for litigation upon Client request Our hourly rate is all inclusive and we do not charge for mileage, photographs, video, or long distance.
We have in-depth experience working the following:
  Auto Accidents/ Emergency Vehicle Accidents
  Environmental Liability Issues
  Fraud Claims Investigations
  Skip Tracing to Locate
  Fire Investigations, Cause & Origin Including Arson
 Flood Damage
  Fidelity Loss
  Premises Liability
  Care, Custody, and Control
  Asset Investigation for Subrogation Purposes
  Motor Vehicle Titling Issues
  Licensing of Providers by State Agencies
  Highway Design and Maintenance   Theft & Burglary
We provide claims appraisal service for all of the following:
  Personal Property
  Business Personal Property
  Real Property
 Heavy Equipment
Total Loss Claims Include:
  An itemized estimate up to the actual cash value of the property
  A vehicle total loss evaluation including market value with two comparables & a Kelly Blue Book Wholesale/Retail figure

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